Christopher Soppe is a personal bankruptcy attorney located in Dubuque, Iowa.  Attorney Soppe is highly experienced, hardworking, dedicated and has helped hundreds of consumers resolves their financial issues.  Chris Soppe is a bankruptcy attorney who cares about people in the middle of difficult circumstances, and he works closely with his clients to take care of things that cause them to worry.  That’s why you should protect yourself, and contact Mr. Soppe before trying to file for bankruptcy yourself.  People who represent themselves during bankruptcy proceedings can make mistakes that end up hurting their own interests, instead of fixing the situation. Having a bankruptcy attorney that explains the legal terms, lets you know what is happening at each step in the process, and making sure everything is filed in a timely manner, can save a lot of stress. One of the first things Mr. Soppe will do as your lawyer, is stop the harassing phone calls and threatening letters, so you can begin your journey to a new life.

Located in Dubuque, Iowa, Christopher Soppe serves Iowa and nearby Wisconsin and Illinois.  In the practice of law since 1999, Attorney Christopher M. Soppe is a graduate of Hamline University School of Law.

As a trusted and respected individual in the profession, Mr. Soppe counsels individuals who are facing immediate debt relief from creditors. He is experienced and knowledgeable in dealing with your creditors, and protecting your rights.

Unlike large, intimidating bankruptcy firms, the law office of Christopher M. Soppe provides a welcoming and comfortable environment, where your privacy is of utmost concern. Your case is handled personally by Attorney Soppe. Christopher Soppe will thoroughly explain the bankruptcy process  so that you know what to expect during your filing.

With the law office of Christopher M. Soppe representing your personal bankruptcy case, you can take back your life from financial burdens without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. Erase your worries and contact Christopher Soppe today for an initial consultation. After all, you deserve a fresh start in life.